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An internationally growing community of fun and diverse women. TGC connects our social media Girlfriends groups and supports our mission to bring women face to face in this digital world.

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A recent study by global health services company Cigna through Ipsos revealed that although people are more connected than ever, society is lonelier than it ever has been. In fact, the nationwide survey revealed that 47 percent of Americans did not have interpersonal interactions with a friend or family member on a daily basis.

We at The Girlfriend Connection want to change that by creating, supporting and nurturing Girlfriends groups throughout the world. The Girlfriend Connection helps members make face-to-face connections during this digital age that will last a lifetime. With thousands of women members of Girlfriends groups across the United States and Canada in just a few short years, we know this is just the tip of the connection iceberg.

We hope you will join in on the fun that’s The Girlfriend Connection where we are Connecting women, one community at a time.

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