Age is just a number. Or so I’ve been told.

After my divorce, and after having conquered single mom-hood with an ‘ambitiously challenging’ female high schooler, I decided to pack in and haul my life from Colorado to Arizona. The day I dropped my daughter off for college, the apartment was empty, the truck was packed, and Google Maps already had my new home in it’s GPS system ready to push ‘start’. Though bittersweet, there was a sense of accomplishment and excitement for the adventure ahead for us both.

Empty-nesting was much more lonesome and socially-challenging than I had imagined. After having lived so closely with my daughter for three years, I found an absence in my time that’d otherwise be filled with supporting, cooking, cleaning, and peeling my daughter off the wall from high school drama or the stresses of higher education. I took up tennis lessons, went to single-meetups, saw movies with strangers, and even joined a motorcycle club. Sadly, there was no one there to peel me off the wall at times, and my spare time fired up a curiosity for adventure, for more, for new.

Instead of a new fling, a new hobby, or a new motorcycle helmet, what I really needed were girlfriends.

I began to recognize that as we get older, we come across less opportunities for face to face, meaningful interactions with women our age. We no longer have our kids’ friends parents to hangout with after sports and Brownies, and the friends we made earlier in our lives through high school, college sororities, work, etc. are spread out like wildfire across the world, 20+ years later. It can be hard to be the confident, ‘with-it’, woman in a completely new space, with an equally new empty-nest, surrounded by unfamiliar new faces.

This is when I realized, if I wasn’t the confident, ‘with-it’ woman I’d desired to meet and cling to, I’d become her. And this is how Gilbert Girlfriends, and then The Girlfriend Connection, was born.

Beyond joining a Facebook ‘Girlfriend’s group’ and The Girlfriend Connection, joining activities that you enjoy — or desire to enjoy — is the best way to begin putting yourself out there and a way to meet others with the same mindset and likeminded long-term desires.

“If you go looking for a friend, you’re going to find they’re very scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you’ll find them everywhere.” – Zig Ziglar

Maybe you’re finishing an old journey or starting a new one. Maybe you have hit the big 40…or 50…or you’re getting close to 60+. Whether you’re starting your career or trying to adjust to retirement; or you just got married or are ending a long, important relationship, we all need friends to help us get through it.

Age IS just a number
And I’m rockin’ 50-something.

Liz is a mom of two grown children, is an entrepreneur and is engaged to a great guy.