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As forging relationships over social media becomes a norm, The Girlfriend – Connection, LLC (TGC) was created in 2019 by two female entrepreneurs, Liz Norwood and Allie Stark, to show the importance of face-to-face connections and to draw greater awareness to the need for personal connections in the digital age through Facebook ‘Girlfriends’ groups.

Ironically founded on Facebook, these Girlfriends groups work to build face-to-face relationships among family- and community-minded women in an age when communication is largely over the internet. TGC was created so girlfriend groups throughout the world can be created, managed and supported.

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Liz Norwood (Left) and Allie Stark (right)

They are easy to tell apart in person because Allie is about a foot taller than Liz (Allie is crouching and Liz in on her tip toes in this picture). Another dead giveaway is Liz is team “camping” and Allie is team “glamping”. We think their many differences are just one of the many reasons they make perfect partners.

meet the founders

Liz Norwood

Liz has two grown kids (23 & 28) that are off on their own adventures. She moved to Arizona from Colorado in 2015 after a divorce. She had a hard time making friends so she started Gilbert Girlfriends Facebook group on a whim and a need in August 2017. Fast forward to 2019, Gilbert Girlfriends has had huge growth in its membership, she is engaged and a Co-founder of The Girlfriend Connection. She is currently very busy creating and supporting Girlfriends Facebook groups across the country with the help from her Co-founder partner, Allie Stark. Together, they are connecting women, one community at a time.

Allie Stark

Allie moved from Nebraska to Arizona in 2000 where she met her husband. After marrying in 2004, they moved to Gilbert where they are raising two children (11 & 14). As her kids grew more independent and her husbands work travel increased, Allie was looking for a way to fill her time and make new friends. In 2017, Allie saw the group, Gilbert Girlfriends, pop up on Facebook and decided to go against her once shy nature and join. In 2018, she joined Liz Norwood as an Admin of the Gilbert Girlfriends and has enjoyed helping the group grow. Since then she, along with her partner, Liz Norwood, has been busy creating and supporting new Girlfriends Facebook groups across the country. Together, they are helping to bring women face to face in this digital world.

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